Where to Study Photography? Best Photography Institutes/Colleges in World

Where to Study Photography?

Keep reading this post to find out about where to study photography, where you can learn all the theories, techniques and tips needed to become a good photographer. Here is a list of best photography institutes/colleges in the world.

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1. Vevey School of Photography (Switzerland)

Widely considered to be one of the top photography institutes, the Vevey School of Photography has garnered a number of awards and even comes with its own International Photography Award, the recipient of which gets € 33,000 for funding their photo projects. Apart from being one of the most reputed schools of fine arts, Vevey is also known to offer courses for students who want to specialize in other aspects within the discipline of photography such as sales, production etc.

2. European Academy of Fine Arts (Germany)

Located in Trier, Germany, the European Academy of Fine Arts was founded by graphic designer and painter Erich Kraemer in 1977 and went on to become one of the best private art academies. Apart from courses in photography this institute also offers courses on other streams like new media, pottery, painting, sculpture etc.

3. California Institute of Arts (USA)

One of the most renowned colleges for performing and visual arts, the California Institute of Arts is a private school which was founded back in 1961. Widely regarded as one of the top 5 photography school in the world, a degree from this institute is guaranteed to help you launch a promising career in photography.

4. Film and TV Institute of the Academy of Performing Art (Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague is one of those European cities which attracts a lot of international students largely because of the presence of a number of reputed visual arts institutes in and around the city. The study program of this school centers around the theories, techniques, history, and aesthetics of the field of photography. The 3 years Bachelor’s programme can be followed up with a Master program for another 2 years.

5. Speos Photographic Institute (Paris, France)

Although one of the relative newcomers in the field of photography institutes, the Speos Photographic Institute which was founded in 1985 is one of those photography schools which has already gained a cult status. Speos is known to have collaborated with some of the big-shots in the field of photography such as Nikon, Gamma, Canon, Konica, Fuji, Minolta, and Reuters. Moreover, they offer a special programme (the Speos Alumni Care program) which helps their graduates launch a professional career in photography.

6. Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada)

One of the oldest and most prestigious photography institutes of Canada, Ryerson University is known to offer an integrated curriculum for undergrad students preparing them in the theory and practice of this medium of art. The objective of this program is to produce graduates who can work effectively in the traditional as well as digital image-making systems. Moreover, they give work placement opportunity to the students who can choose to do internships at various renowned companies.

7. Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts (Mumbai, India)

Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, which was founded back in 1935 is now affiliated to the University of Mumbai, from which the pass-outs of these schools would be granted a certificate upon completing the course. Considered to be one of the best photography schools in Asia, Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts also offers a one-year Apprentice Training Course in photography.

8. Tokyo Zokei University (Tokyo, Japan)

The photography major course at Tokyo Zokei University has been specially developed to help the students nurture skills which would allow them to tackle the present social and political issues at hand. Some of the course topics at Tokyo Zokei University include documentary photography, creative photography and area studies which focus on workshops, projects and archiving and investigate the relationship between society and photography.

9. New York Institute of Photography (New York, USA)

Founded back in 1910, the New York Institute of Photography boasts of alumni who have garnered the Pulitzer. Some of their online courses in photography include Photoshop for photographers, storytelling, video marketing, basics of digital photography, professional photography, and marketing for photographers. With a strong emphasis on creativity, the NY Institute of Photography also offers a number of online courses in photography.

10. Istituto Europeo di Design (Various Locations)

With locations in various corners of Europe, the IED which was formed back in 1966 offers a number of courses in photography related disciplines. Here you can enroll for short courses lasting for 1 semester to full 3 years courses. Their course has been specially created to prepare the students in the field of visual communication, in a way which would allow them to market their creations without much difficulty.

11. Kent State School (UK)

This photography school in Kent are more suited for students who want to pursue a career in photojournalism. The journalism major course at Kent State School would prepare the students for a practical career in news reporting via photography. Moreover, this school offers a number of media and journalism-related courses which are extremely useful and practical.

12. Academia Italiana (Rome and Florence, Italy)

The department of media and photography at the Academia Italiana would offer you the guidance of the top professionals in this field. They offer a number of training programmes which range from 3 years Bachelors degree as well as numerous short-term courses. This institute is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and each year they showcase the best works of their students in a yearly academic magazine.

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13. The Royal College of Art (London, UK)

Commonly referred to as the RCA, this is one of the best names when it comes to the top photography schools in the world. Established in 1837, this school is the only art and design institution which offers postgraduate courses. The 2 years photography course would provide you with a perfect educational environment which is sure to nurture your artistic capabilities.

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