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Top 10 Websites for Online Learning

In recent years, the internet has emerged as a new classroom for millions of learners from all over the world. From the sciences, history, art, and music to coding or other hard skills, these days one can learn anything on the e-learning websites.

Top Sites For Online Learning

While some of the online learning sites provide lessons and tutorials for college and university curriculum, others offer non-academic courses and lessons for various special skills. A good number of reputed colleges and universities from all around the world have begun to recognize some of the online courses as part of their own academic credit system as well.

Many of these online courses are completely free. Registration in some of the courses requires payments. In some cases, you can take the courses for free, but to get a verified certificate of passing you’ll have to pay a small amount. Here are the top 10 online education websites to help you understand the fast-expanding world of online learning.

Top 10 Websites E-learning

1. Coursera

One of the largest online learning platforms, Coursera offers excellent free education to online learners. The website has partnered with some of the finest educational institutions from all over the world to come up with a range of excellent e-courses. Whether you are looking for lessons in data sciences, musical theories or social sciences, Coursera offers you some of the best online courses designed and taught by the instructors from leading universities such as the University of Michigan, Standford University, University of Pennsylvania etc. Lately, the site has introduced a new feature: ‘Specializations’. Under this category, 10 different course pathways are offered where you get verified certification from associated universities.

2. Udemy

Another leading e-learning platform, Udemy offers an extremely wide range of free as well as paid courses. Each month, the site adds an average of 800 new courses to the existing list of learning programs. The courses on business and technology are undoubtedly the most popular courses at Udemy. Udemy allows the users to customize the online courses from its existing lesson plans. From the beginner level to the intermediate and more advanced levels, Udemy offers more than 55,000 courses for learners of every kind.

3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online educational website that offers excellent courses in computer science, data sciences, IT courses, software development, project management, business and marketing, cyber security etc. A learner gets to choose from over 200 certification courses that are globally acknowledged and accredited. The site offers genuine Microsoft Certification courses as well.

4. Lynda

If you are looking to acquire new career skills, Lynda is the e-learning platform you must visit. Owned by LinkedIn, the social network site for professionals, Lynda provides a subscription-based online library of more than 80,000 video tutorials. The online video tutorials include outstanding lessons in business management, design, and development, marketing, creative skills such as animation, sound production, photography etc. You get a 30-day free trial membership when you register with the website. If you wish to continue your access after that you have to pay $20 a month for a basic membership or $30 a month for a premium membership.

5. edX

A leading online platform of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), edX has tied up with many of the world’s premium universities and colleges including MIT, Harvard or Berkley to offer various academic and skill development courses. Whether business, marketing, language, humanities, engineering or technology – you can always find an edX course that is suitable for you. The only goal of edX is to bring quality information and education to you. After you have successfully finished the course, you can get an official certificate of passing from a reputed educational institution.

6. Udacity

Udacity is one of those leading e-learning sites that offer both academic courses as well as non-academic programs to teach valuable professional skills. Technology is the primary focus of this particular e-courses website that provides great opportunities for deep learning. The courses on data sciences, Android and iOS technologies, software development, or coding offered by Udacity are some of its most popular courses. By registering with Udacity, you get to acquire these skills from the leading experts in the industry or instructors from the finest colleges and universities. The course-fees are absolutely affordable. The learners can pay the fees on a monthly basis so that they can discontinue it whenever they wish to.

7. Open Culture

As the name rightly suggests, Open Culture is an e-learning platform that is dedicated to offering quality online education free of cost. For this purpose, the site provides over 45,000 hours of audio and video lessons covering 1,300 courses. The courses are designed and taught by the instructors from leading universities such as MIT, Berkley, Stanford, Yale or Harvard among others. The site also includes excellent courses from some of the top state universities of England, Australia, and Wales.

8. Khan Academy

One of the early online e-learning platforms of the world, Khan Academy is an extremely useful site offering free courses and teaching tools. The site mainly focuses on more traditional subjects and academic lessons. For this, they have entered into partnerships with many top higher-secondary schools. The Khan Academy online library hosts audio and video micro-lectures on various subjects such as sciences, mathematics, humanities, economics, computer etc. for students of various ages and levels. As the site is totally free, it is the best way to get familiar with a new subject before you start to enrol in a more advanced, paid course elsewhere.

9. Alison

Like the Khan Academy site, Alison is another useful e-learning platform that is completely free. Though it also offers high-quality courses on language and other academic subjects, the primary focus of this site is business, technology, and health. The lessons are designed to create successful young professionals in these fields. Alison also offers courses for various school curriculum. There are over 800 certification or diploma courses to choose from Alison and you need to take periodical assessments as well as score at least 80 per cent to pass the courses.

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10. Tuts+

For those who are desperate to master creative technologies such as designing, illustration making, coding, photography, video and audio production, animation, web development, motion graphics etc., Tuts+ provide the best e-learning resources. It also offers some excellent e-courses on business and marketing. The site provides over 22,000 tutorials, over 240 e-books, and more than 870 video lessons. It has a wide variety of e-resources including 400,000 handcrafted fonts, logos, templates and assets for the students of designing. Owned by Envato, this site is not free. You have to pay only $29 a month for a membership. No free trial is available on this website.  

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