Easy 8 Ways to Impress a Tough Boss

In a professional workplace, half the stress of the employee is released when there is a good degree of understanding with the boss. Job security and promotion don’t sound unreal when one is in the good book of the boss. Doing one’s share of job in the best possible way, never missing deadlines and having a fairly extensive knowledge about the nature of the job, its implication and significance helps a lot. The boss is there to guide but not to repeat. The following suggestions will come in handy in reorienting the equation with the boss.

  1. Be tech savvy

Possessing skills at a professional level when it comes to operating the computer or other gadgets in use in the office helps the employee be prompt and non-bothering while executing a job. Struggling with a software like a novice will surely piss off the boss and he will feel reluctant to assign you a task that needs one to be tech savvy in order to be accomplished.

  1. Cut down some cost

Giving some thought to make things cost-efficient and save some company’s money and resources make a good impression on the boss. Thinking beyond your domain but not overdoing it at the same time will surely make your boss consider your suggestions seriously.

  1. Compliment your boss’s skills

Trying to complement your boss skill wise can make your boss depend on you as and when necessary. Remind him of pending jobs which he might have forgotten or helped him with technical skills while handling electronic machines; this will reassure him when you are around.

  1. Maintain a humane relationship with the boss

Your relationship with the boss should be professional and yet cordial. Being concerned about his health and other not so private affairs can result in a warm and enduring relationship with him. While doing this you should be careful about the thin line between genuine concern and please for the sake of it.

  1. Feel free to opine

Instead of being an out and out yes man you can be assertive and put forward your opinion to help the boss make a decision in affairs which are not strictly restricted to your domain. One must be sensitive and non-imposing in such endeavors. Offer but do not press.

  1. Be assertive

If you feel that a certain job is too much for you to handle owing to any sort of incompetence on your part, never hesitate to express your inability. Willing to learn is far better than attempting beyond your competence and then making a mess of it. Its ok to say “I don’t know”, any sensible superior will appreciate your honesty and willingness to learn.

  1. Be in touch with the greater scenario of your work

Be up to date with the current trends in the industry your company caters to. Share and discuss information about your sector with your boss and demonstrate your attachment to the work that you do for a living.

  1. Spend some extra time at office

Be punctual. Reach the workplace a little early and leave a bit late. This can go a long way in testifying your genuine interest in the work you do beyond the relationship of necessity.

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