Top MNC Jobs With No Coding Requirement and a High Paying Package

Top MNC Jobs With No Coding Requirement 

I am also not a coder and I know what are you looking for, so you are at the right place J. A multinational IT company not only depend on software developers, but it also needs people who can run it smoothly. There are huge job opportunities in large international companies with no coding requirements and as well as they pay a high salary package to depend on the experience of the candidate.

As per research, top MNCs have 3x requirement of talented employees with no coding or minimal coding requirement. Here I have mentioned the top 10 positions for which the best MNC companies hire regularly.

You may be thinking how to join a company if you are a fresher, so there are many ways which we have discussed at the end of this post as well as how you can apply for jobs in top IT multinational companies (MNC). 

Let’s have a look on top 10 positions in multinational corporations with no coding requirement.

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1. HR

Truly an IT company needs talented and innovative mind people who can write code but who would hire them? A talent acquisition team which we generally have known as Human Resource (HR) helps a company to recruit these engineers. I hope you are very well aware of the salary package of software engineers, so if you are paying them a huge amount, you also need a good HR team who can bring who worth for it and eventually contribute to the company success. To start a career in HR, you can complete a degree, diploma or course from any top college or Institute for Human Resource Management (MBA).

2. Business Analyst

You are good in communication and have an understanding of business requirements then you can choose a career as a Business Analyst (BA). Business analysts play a major role between software developers and clients. They always in touch with clients and understand the business actual requirements so they can execute it with the help of developers. To start a career as a Business Analyst you can go for Business Analyst online courses.

3. Designer

In a company, there is a huge requirement of designers for multiple roles such as UX or UI specialist, mobile app designer, web designer, ads banner designer and many more. A good designer doesn’t need to have a coding knowledge but a basic understanding of business can enhance designer work.

4. Business Development

Assume a company only with coders and think what will they develop if they don’t have any project to build. A business development team play a major role in the success of a company as they are the key person to bring a huge business for a company as well as make the partnership with other companies for regular projects.

5. Pre-Sales and Sales

The people with good communication and presentation skills can join the pre-sales or sales team. The team works closely with clients and top management. The sales job is highly responsible and these people always look for what the client needs and what they can fulfill. The sales team also create scope of work which defines costing of the services.

6. Marketing

We are living in internet time and in the future, there is a boom for online marketing jobs. Here I am not neglecting the power of offline marketing but future lies in online marketing. The internet marketers run marketing campaigns for brand awareness, nurturing strong leads and helping the sales team to sell products or services online or offline. If you want to start a career in marketing then you should go with online courses or join the top Digital Marketing Institute.

7. Writing

As we just discussed internet era, people are searching a lot, watching videos a lot on the internet on a daily basis. The MNC companies need different kinds of a writer to fulfill the needs of content for their users. Let’s take an example of an IT company, they will need an experienced technical writer who can write about their technologies to tell their clients how they work, what they create and so many things.

8. Operations Manager

In a multinational corporation millions of people work and to make all operation smoothly, any company will need Operation Managers who can make sure the company running smoothly. They keep in touch with the management to organize the supply chain, arranging various types of equipment and a lot of work to do.

9. Accounting / Finance

I think I don’t need to tell more about Accounting or Finance as the position name itself explain it’s role and responsibilities. But you may be not aware of how many different positions need to fill by a company in this department. You may also be surprised to know but the number is huge as a company has to make sure every employee salary on time, tax handling, etc.

10. Customer Service / Support

When you have a number of clients, so it is a fact that they will have a number of queries, complaints, requirements and so many things. A good company will never confuse their clients and let them hanging on a mountain. A top multinational company always have a good customer service that is why Customer Service is called the lifeblood of any business.

You can apply for top MNC jobs in different ways:

  • You just need to visit the concerned website of the corporation and look for the career section. Every organization almost have a career section on their website, you can check out that page and explore what are current job openings. If you find a suitable job then follow the process to apply or if you don’t find any vacancy then wait for a few days and visit again.
  • You can register yourself on online job portals for free and upload your updated CV. These job portals will send you daily latest job updates and you can select which one is suitable for you.
  • If you have some known in MNC that would a great option because they can share your CV directly with the hiring team and your chances of getting shortlisted for interview will be higher as compare to above modes of applying.

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