Top 9 Renowned Journalism Schools in the World for Studying

With the arrival of the digital media and the ever-increasing popularity of TV, journalism has become more diverse and dynamic. It has emerged as a highly sophisticated and interdisciplinary field that employs various advanced technologies. The sector has been able to create more job opportunities in recent years. It’s undoubtedly a great choice to seek a career in journalism, but you should remember that it is a highly competitive field. Getting a diploma or a degree from a well-renowned journalism school is always a great idea as that surely provides you with a solid foothold and thereby gives you an advantage over others. There are many distinguished schools and universities all over the world that offer premium education and training in the areas of journalism and mass media. If you are an aspirant journalist who is looking for the best school to enrol in, we can make your search a little easier.

1. New York University (United States of America)

Situated in one of the most famous cities of the world that has headquarters of almost all the famous media outlets of our times, the New York University is a great place to study journalism. The school of journalism and media studies in NYU provides excellent training in the craft, professional ethics as well as cultural politics of journalism and the various forms of mass media. Its bachelor program offers rare specializations like culture reporting or media criticism. The university also offers one of the finest creative writing courses in the world.

2. Syracuse University (United States of America)

The S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in the Syracuse University ranks quite high in every list naming the top-rated media schools of the world. Famous sportscasters like Marv Albert and Ian Eagle, New York Times photographer Ruth Fremson, famous publisher Larry Kramer, Pulitzer winner Eli Saslow – all passed from the prestigious Newhouse School. The school offers eight different undergraduate courses in journalism and communication which include new fields like online and digital journalism among others. It has partnerships with a number of big media houses and news outlets. This gives the SULA journalism students an extra edge in the job market.

3. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

In recent years, the National University of Singapore has come up as one of the most popular destinations for the journalism students from all over the world. Many aspirants prefer this particular journalism school over other more traditional institutes for its methods of experimental learning and extremely innovative environment. The school of Communications and New Media offers courses in media studies, communication management, and interactive design. All of these courses have multi-disciplinary approaches and are taught by an extremely erudite and experienced faculty.

4. University of California, Berkeley (United States of America)

One of the best media schools of the world, UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism offers various courses that train their students in all aspects of journalism that ranges from traditional areas like reporting, news editing, photojournalism, documentary making to more modern fields such as multimedia, online and digital media.

5. University of Melbourne (Australia)

The University of Melbourne’s Center for Advancing Journalism is another major journalism school that turns out many successful journalists and media professionals each year. Apart from teaching the traditional areas like print journalism and news broadcasting, the Centre also offers training in newer forms of journalism that include the web and the social media. Both undergrad and masters programs are available. The master’s program provides a valuable opportunity to work as an intern with one of the major media outlets in Australia or abroad.

6. Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Another top-rated school for studying journalism and media in the United Kingdom, Cardiff University offers both undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. The School of Journalism, Media, and Culture at the University has excellent research facilities as well. Its practice-based and industry-oriented courses are taught by a faculty which includes well-known academics as well as leading experts from the industry. The School has a special Centre for Community Journalism that offers valuable training for local community journalists. The students at the Cardiff journalism school are provided with a great learning environment, an extremely creative ambience and all the advanced technological supports that are required to learn modern journalism.

7. University of Helsinki (Finland)

University of Helsinki’s Department of Media and Communication Studies features in almost every accredited list of best journalism schools in the world. It offers excellent undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. The courses offered to make the students prepared for the global media landscape. The crucial lessons that the aspiring journalists have to learn here include various practices and philosophies of mass communication, crisis communication, and communication policies among others. The department is extremely choosy about its students and enrols only 50 candidates each academic year after an extremely competitive entrance-exam.

8. University of Westminster (United Kingdom)

There was a time when London was considered to be the media capital of Europe. Though those days are long gone, the city still houses some of the best journalism schools of the world. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Westminster is undoubtedly the finest among them. The practice-based courses offered by this department prepare the students for the cut-throat world of modern journalism. The faculty is chosen from the best practitioners and the most experienced teachers of the trade.

9. Stockholm University (Sweden)

Stockholm University’s Department of Media Studies is one of the places where the most interesting researches on media and journalism are happening right now. The department has two branches: one focuses on Journalism and Media and the other on Fashion and Cinema studies. The journalism and media studies courses of this public university attract a large number of foreign students every year.

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