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5 Things You Should Always Avoid Doing in Office

Even if the pressure stresses us out we should never forget the significance of the word Office or Work Etiquette. Though it should also be pointed out that work etiquette is changing as are the variations of work; for example, it is no more confined to offices but social media, websites, etc. But at the same time, some basic things never change like maintaining punctuality, being cordial to your boss and fellow workers, being a fast learner, never to complain, and the list goes on. We have sorted out the five most common and trivial mistakes one commits in a workplace and the best way to avoid it.

1. Don’t be a Gossip Monger

Be sensitive about certain things that can miff your superior or colleagues which can create an unnecessary sourness between you. From the very first it is important to carefully draw a line between you and your co-workers and tread on it lightly. It is a common trait among co-workers to be gossiping about others in the workplace. Be sure never to be nosy or be one of the gossip mongers. Being helpful and cordial is exactly what is expected of you to be on the good list of your superior.

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2. Avoid using Social Media

Imagine the embarrassment when your senior finds you browsing as you catch up with your friends on any social media site. That would immediately prove your negligence and lack of work efficiency. So it’s best not to squat on any social media and wait for any free time to go through them. Still, if you find yourself too distracted during the working hours its best to browse any app related to your work.

3. Avoid Being Late

Arriving late frequently will show your irresponsibility towards your work. In the beginning, your co-workers might help you to get out of embarrassing situations before your seniors. But eventually, if this turns into a habit you are bound to face unfortunate consequences. Being punctual adds to your character and makes you a dependable worker of the office.

4. Never Apply for a New Job from Your Workplace

If you feel the need to switch to some other job, it’s best you do it from anywhere but your present existing workplace. Looking for new job opportunities from your office might cost your present job.  Ethically as well as technically it is pretty risky, as your co-workers or even your senior might get to have a look at your proposals for the new job.

5. Stop Bashing Your Old Job on Social Media Sites

Commenting anything disrespectful about your previous job on social media, be it Facebook or Instagram might have negative consequences on your new job. As we know ‘first impressions are everything’ so it’s better not to tarnish your image at the beginning of your job.