How to Become a Successful and Professional Youtuber

    YouTube is a social platform which attracts users who can be creator, viewer or both from all walks of life; diverse purposes find a unique mode of actualization on YouTube.

    steps to become a successful youtuber

    YouTubers attract viewers to disseminate their creations/compilations and often do so to earn money. Number of views and revenues are of course related but not in an overt way. As an uploader of moving images one should bear in mind that the most effective way to generate revenue has to do with meeting certain criteria set by YouTube. One might be very popular initially with the novelty of content but the success may not be long lasting, falling flat in course of time. Sustaining viewer’s interest, amassing new viewers while retaining the old ones can indeed be a challenging task. You need to be thorough with YouTube policies, be professional about your equipment and production processes, know your content from all possible perspective and their view-abilities and ensure a substantial view-time to be a successful and professional YouTuber. In this article, we chart out some of the fundamentals of this fast expanding occupation.

    1. Setting up youtube channel:

    create youtube channel

    If you think the old contents that you uploaded as an inexperienced beginner can threaten your reputation as a promising YouTuber, either remove them or keep them aside and come up with a new channel. Find an easy to remember the username, put up a friendly profile picture and carefully formulate a concept note for description of your channel.

    The description should aptly cover the purpose of your channel, the genre that best describes your stuff, what fresh perspectives you are about to invoke with your uploads. In short, the appeal of your material ought to be highlighted.  It should be short, crispy and comprehensible.

    2. Aligning with your version of success:

    promote youtube channel

    The number of hits or a platform of income where you get paid when people engage with your work up in the platform, which one do you desire? Perhaps both. An all-out promotion of the video through social media, email or blogs and what not can considerably pump up the view count. To attain the monetary success you need to go through the certain You have to get your account verified which is a hassle-free process lasting a few minutes with a cell phone. Next, you need to achieve the lifetime video view of 10,000 viewers. Now you are ready to reach out and get rich.

    3. Optimize your material:

    relevant youtube videos

    Once you have specified your genre you cannot upload a video relying solely on its viewer fetching potential but must keep in mind how relevant it is in your stream. You might end up losing subscribers if you are not careful enough. Consider a soccer highlight channel suddenly flooding the stream with game analysis. We do not claim that it will tamper the success of the channel but definitely what it will do is make the stream inconsistent with the original purpose it once had set for itself. If you do something like this, think it over several times before implementation. You might innovatively introduce a new series within the same channel. Going by the time-tested way, sticking to your theme, being more engaging without losing the focus can do wonders to the reputation of your channel. Coming up with something that viewers will love to go back to time and again, recommend them to friends, relatives, and other acquaintances can take your venture to the next level. One should remember that once the viewership gathers momentum success shoots exponentially.

    4. Being pro with your equipment and production:

    Use high quality equipment for video production

    Use a professional HD camera and proper directional microphones. A quality camera work coupled with a peppy editing and appropriate soundtrack can make all the difference. Before uploading, ask yourself whether you yourself have viewed the entire video if you were not into the business. A step further would be to take up the challenge of making your stuff irresistible even to people who share little interest in the genre. Remember, while watching TV commercials people seldom think of their actual interest in the product as far as the presentation is entertaining.

    5. Prioritizing view duration:

    Make Quality Content for Youtube Video

    Making money from YouTube channels is more dependent on view duration than the number of hits. Try to keep your videos less than fifteen minutes in duration if possible and make sure that the content is viewable. Ideally, your goal will be to hook the viewer to screen until the video ends. You can make a rough notion about where your work falls short of viewer’s attention if you monitor the average view duration of your video. Relevance is once again an important criterion for ensuring view duration owing to the fact that dedicated subscribers expecting the generic stuff are always more important than the stray visitor.

    6. Making space for public opinion:

    encourage viewers to comment on video

    Encourage your viewers to express their views even if they are critical of things you put up. An occasional polemic on your contents goes to prove your open-minded attitude towards criticism and courage to share them publicly. Cultivate the habit of making an appraisal of other user’s work over YouTube. This is also extremely crucial to the overall health of the community which directly decides the fate of your enterprise. When you accept criticism you consciously or unconsciously address the issue which is bound to strengthen your commitment to the service and its standard.

    7. Maintaining consistency in uploading:

    Upload videos regularly

    Your YouTube uploading activities should conform to some temporal pattern. You have to keep uploading stuff after a certain interval of time, preferably a week. Again, it is very important that you don’t upload B grade materials just for the sake of uploading. You have to strike a balance between quality, quantity, and

    Share your youtubing experiences in public forum of YouTubers. Don’t get disheartened when things go wrong and the viewership curve takes a dip. A momentary sink is as common as a momentary high and the trick is to keep trying things without losing vision.


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