10 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Choose From

If no boss and no routine is your kind of work then you can feel free to choose from tons of freelancing options which could generate a lot of dough. In today’s post, we are talking about 10 such jobs which would allow you to earn the most in the freelancing industry.

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1. Programmer and software developer

Software and mobile app developers are presently the highest paid freelancers since they offer expertise which isn’t easy to master.  Take for example the case of James Knight; James left a profitable job in Google and pursued the career of a freelance software developer. Now he charges $1000 for an hour of his work. If you want to get paid like James then make sure that you are good at what you do. The demand for coders is pretty high so if you have the skills make sure to make the most of it.

Average Salary: $40.03 to $78.47 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

2. Web designers and web developers

Yet another in-demand job skills of our times, web developers can also make a great income by working only a few hours a day. Although the industry of freelance web developing is getting increasingly crowded, you can still stand out by acquiring coding skills. Presently more than 14,000 freelance web designers work in the US alone. Contract salaries are more than often high so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

Average Salary: $20.34 to $60 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

3. Copywriter

One of the greatest advantages of venturing into the world of copywriting is that it doesn’t require any special qualifications on your part. All you need is a laptop and knack for writing and you are good to go. Probably the most relaxed job of our times, the career of a freelance copywriter would give you the freedom to move around and work for less than 6 hours a day. If your English is impeccable then you can always offer writing services to non-native speakers who want quality texts in proper English.

Average Salary: $25 to $45 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

4. Graphic designer

Just like software development and web development, the job of a graphic designer is pretty much in demand in the freelancing world. Loads of new websites spring up on a daily basis and someone has to do the job of making then look perfect. If you are a skilled graphic designer who wondering how to start selling your skills then just create an account on Upwork where you will come across plenty of clients who might be willing to hire you contractually.

Average Salary: $75 to $150 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

5. Translator

Language translation skills are much in demand since people all over the world are now trying to create their web content in English. You might be surprised to learn that translation was one of the most in-demand services which generated a revenue of $3 billion back in 2013. Five years down the line, the scene is very much the same. So make sure to hone your language skills and start looking for clients on websites like Translators Café or Upwork. The demand is extremely high for Chinese, Japanese and Korean translators so if you know one of these languages then you are sure to earn a good salary without getting up from your couch.

Average Salary: $30 to $80 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

6. Voice actors

This is not such a popular freelance career choice but it can definitely earn you a whole lot of money. Voice acting is a kind of audio performance which involves narration of voice-overs, the performance of voices for cartoon characters, dubbing for foreign language films and adverts etc. As online audio and video content continue to expand the demand for professional voice actors is getting more and more. Voices.com is one of those websites from which you can get loads of lucrative voice acting projects.

Average Salary: $150 to $200 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

7. Video editors

As already mentioned above, the last 5 years have seen a tremendous increase in online video content. Naturally, the demand for video editors are getting high and some editors in the US earn more than $72,000 per annum just by editing videos from their desk. If you are a pro then you can make as much as $122, 000 per year from video editing alone. The increasing use of video content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have boosted the demand for freelance video editors. People who are good at creating interesting videos then rest assured that this career is going to be a rewarding one.

Average Salary: $29.04 to $56.76 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

8. Content writers

One of the most popular freelance jobs in the last 10 years, the career of a content writer can be a flourishing one thanks to the boom in online marketing trends. The internet is full of clients who want to get unique content written for their products and services. All you need to do is brush up on your writing skills and start bidding for work on one of the numerous content mill websites. You can easily make $25 for an hour of work depending on your skill level.

Average Salary: $20 to $60 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

9. Social media manager

Social media marketing has now come up with one of the essential strategies of marketing a product or service. No matter the size of the business, all entrepreneurs want to promote their offerings on the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. Freelancers who are in complete charge of social media account of various businesses are known to make around $50,000 per year in the US.

Average Salary:  $15 to $50 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

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10. IT Security Consultant

The recent data breaches of many major companies have led to a great demand for the profession of Information Technology security consultant. One of the hottest freelancing jobs of our times, the demand for freelance IT security consultants are expected to grow further in the coming years. Many small business houses are now seeking to hire freelance IT security consultants to keep their systems secure. If you have an in-depth knowledge of databases, viruses, and networks and have certifications in MCSE or CCIE then feel free to plunge into the career of a freelance IT security consultant.

Average Salary: $30-$70 per hour (depends on skills/experience)

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