Top 10 Exam Preparation Apps to Study Abroad | TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, LSAT and MCAT

Want to study abroad? Now you can trust your smartphone to provide the guidance and coaching! To get admission into their targeted colleges and universities, the aspirants have to qualify in various competitive exams as part of the selection procedures. While some of these exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or SAT test your language and reasoning skills, others like LSAT or MCAT are subject specific. Nowadays, preparing for these exams has become really easy and hassle-free with the introduction of several smartphone apps. Here is a list of the top 10 apps that can be great study aids to prepare for the competitive exams.

1. TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh

If you are a student from a non-English speaking country and want to want to study in an English-speaking country, you have to sit for TOEFL. This computer-generated test consists of multiple-choice questions. A US organization called Education Testing Service organizes this exam and they follow American English. TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh is one of the best apps that prepare you for all the segments of the exam.  The video tutorials in the app will help you improve your listening, speaking, grammar and writing skills which are necessary to pass TOEFL. This app also allows you to change the speed of the video so that you can follow the tutorial more easily. Upgrading to their premium package unfolds a lot more features.

2. IELTS Prep

Another important language test is IELTS which is preferred by the institutions in UK and the Commonwealth countries. The IELTS Prep app has a unique advantage over the other similar applications currently available online.  Developed by the British Council this app can be downloaded for free on both Apple and Android devices. The app offers a good number of speaking and listening tests for you to practice. It provides you with helpful videos for the speaking interview and also gives you the option to set a test-day reminder. Using this app you can also bookmark the pages that you found helpful so that you can access them easily.

3. SAT Up

SAT Up is one of the most popular apps used by the students preparing for SAT. It has the feature of custom-made daily exercises, both midterm and exhaustive exams and even provides you with the scope of improving your vocabulary through games. You can get lessons whenever you want them and the constant support of a tutor who will not only help you with your questions and doubts but also motivate you. The app costs only $4.99 per month and is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes. Apart from SAT preparation, this app is used by the students enrolled for PSAT, ACT, TOEFL and redesigned SAT as well.

4. ACT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards

ACT is another generalized test like SAT. This free app that helps you to prepare for the exam is developed by Varsity Tutors and available for both Apple and Android users. The feature that makes the app stand apart from the other similar applications is the variety of questions it offers you for practice. These questions are distributed according to the subjects, which helps you to choose and improve specific areas. The questions and their answers come in the form of flashcards which are totally customizable. There is an option of getting a tutor’s help as well, but you have to pay for it.

5. Manhattan Prep – GRE

If you are thinking of pursuing higher studies in an English-speaking country, especially the US, acquiring a high score in GRE is a must. GRE has three main sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Manhattan Prep-GRE is an app that takes care of all three segments with their 1000+ practice questions, more than 500 vocabulary words, and extra difficult questions. They also show the results of the practice-tests instantly so that your trajectory and development can be monitored. The statistical data they provide also helps you to figure out where you need to work more. The app is downloadable from iTunes and Google Play.

6. Ready 4 GMAT (Prep 4 GMAT)

Although the number of business school accepting GRE score is increasing by the day, the students who want to pursue MBA still prefer GMAT. Along with the three sections of GRE, they also have a fourth segment called Integrated Reasoning. The best app to ensure high marks in your GMAT exam is Ready 4 GMAT (Prep 4 GMAT) which is available for both Android and Apple devices. By registering free you get an instant access to the curriculums, a few questions, and quizzes covering all the sections and basic grammar. However, you need to get a premium account for $19.99 to avail a larger number of flashcards, quizzes, and a complete practice test. The special characteristic of this app is the “school matcher” that helps you to make a list of preferred business schools, and completion of that gives you an opportunity to win a $1000 Ready4 scholarship.

7. LSATMax LSAT Prep

LSAT is a standardized exam for the students wanting to pursue law. LSATMax is the first app for LSAT exam preparation and it is developed by the Harvard Law School alumni.  The free version has daily exercises and lots of other features but the complete course is priced from $449.99 to $949.99. This app which provides the students with lifelong access is an essential application for all the students appearing for the LSAT.

8. McGraw-Hill Education MCAT Practice Test Questions

The students wanting to pursue medical studies in the United States, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean Islands are required to clear the MCAT examination. McGraw-Hill Education MCAT Practice Test Questions is an app that you can buy at $9.99 from both Google Play Store and iTunes store. You can also download a free version which has fewer sample examinations. Designed by the extremely reputed test preparation and academic publishing company, McGraw-Hill, the app comes with over 300 questions, four practice exams, and fairly detailed answers. While the free version can only give you an overall idea about the test procedure, the price of the app is not that high.


This app helps you to prepare for the GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOEFL examinations by helping you to improve your vocabulary. It helps you to memorize the words mnemonics and synonyms-antonyms by using innovative visual aids. They have over 4500 English words that are organized according to the different exams. The practice questions are organized in the form of tests, and you can also monitor your progress by checking the history of your score. This app is compatible with Android.

10. Vocabulary Builder

This app is created by Magoosh to improve language proficiency through games. You can download this for free from both the Google Play Store and the iTunes store. Developed by a widely acclaimed name in test pre-publishing, this app prepares you for GRE, SAT, TOEFL and also lets you take the quizzes related to these tests for free. It has 1000+ words and memorizing them is fun because of the game structure and repetitions.

Although apps are not enough to prepare for an examination, they are definitely a great way to improve your expertise and skill-sets.

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