Top 10 Careers for Animal Lovers

Best Careers with Animals 

Getting paid every month for spending your time with animals all day long is surely the dream job of any animal lover. There is no dearth of jobs which pay you well for taking care of animals and in today’s post, we are going to take a look at ten such jobs. You don’t have to choose the obvious career of a veterinary doctor to make a decent income out of your love for animals. Keep reading this post where we have compiled a list of top 10 careers which would allow you to be around animals and also guarantee a decent salary.

1. Vet Assistant

If you know how to deal with the pressure of handling stressed and anxious pet owners then the job of a veterinary assistant can suit you perfectly. You can easily find a job at a vet clinic or an animal hospital where your main task would be to help the vets take care of the animals. The highest paid vet assistants earn up to $36,000 per annum although the average salary is generally around $26k – $27k. All you need is a high school diploma and a passion for animals and you are all set to go for this career.

2. Groomer

The job of a groomer is to make the pets look their very best by cleaning and trimming them. If you are looking forward to making a lot of money from this career then consider enrolling for a course at a grooming school and opening your own pet salon. The highest salary of a pet groomer can reach up to $34,000 per year. The minimum qualification for this career is a high school diploma, although you’d need a degree in biology or zoology if you are trying for a job as an animal caretaker in a zoo.

3. Trainer

Yet another lucrative career for animal enthusiasts, the job of an animal trainer can bring you up to $57,000 per year if you are good at what you do. One of the best parts about this job is that it doesn’t require any formal degrees. Your job would consist of training the animals for various tasks such as performance, obedience or even assist the disabled animals. If you are good at dealing with horses then the job of a racehorse trainer is sure to bring you a lucrative salary.

4. Jockeys

John Velazquez of Puerto Rico, who is the highest paid jockey of all times, has already earned over $307 million. As a jockey, you will be required to ride horses for exercise and training events and employed by the racehorse owners. You’d also be required to complete an apprenticeship and obtain a license to race before you can enter this highly rewarding career.

5. Conservation and forest technicians

As a forest worker, you have to keep a tab on the wildlife within the area, collect data, deal with forest fires and try your best to improve the health of the forest. The top professionals in this field can make around $54,000 per year and the median salary is around $35,500. What you’d need for this profession is a high school diploma and a driver’s license although you’ll be receiving a lot of on-the-job training. A degree in forest technology or any other related topic is surely going to land you up with a better salary.

6. Breeder

If you like hanging out with pups, kitties or even horses, then the job of a breeder is perfect for your temperament. Your job would consist of selecting and breeding animals in accordance with their genealogy and characteristics. The top breeders of our time are making over $75,000 per year out of this profession. As an animal breeder, all you need to have is a high school degree and a passion for animals. You can always choose to enhance your skills by pursuing short-term courses and on-the-job training. If you are thinking about becoming a breeder of zoo animals, then better get a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science or zoology.

7. Wildlife biologist/ Zoologist

One of the highest paid jobs for animal lovers, the best-paid zoologists, and wildlife biologists earn up to $100,000 per year. Your job would consist of studying the wildlife and observe their interactions with their environment. If you are after entry level jobs then make sure that you have a bachelor’s degree. If you are aiming for advanced posts then a master’s degree is a must. Wildlife biologists who are leading independent researches generally have a PhD in their area of specialty.

8. Wildlife photographer

For this career, you need to combine your passion for animals with a flair for taking good pictures. The profession of a wildlife photographer comes with a very high pay scale especially if you are working for a prestigious magazine like National Geographic. This profession would require you to visit the deepest and most remote areas with your photographic equipment and then wait for the best captures. Being a freelance wildlife photographer can also bring you good money especially if your shots are rare enough.

9. Marine biologist

This career not only requires an interest in marine life but also a Masters degree in oceanography, zoology, fisheries or marine biology. If you like to spend time in the ocean with whales, dolphins and other marine creatures then studying the life of underwater creatures and physiological and behavioral processes of marine species is the ideal job for you. If you are good at what you’re doing then you will easily land up with a nice job at one of the government agencies.

10. Conservation land managers

This scope of this job encompasses the administration, maintenance, and development of forests, sanctuaries and other conserved sites. You will have to work alongside the landowners, conservation groups or NGOs for protecting specific sites and all the wildlife in it. The highest yearly salary of a conservation land manager can reach up to a whopping $90,000. In order to be eligible for this job, you will need a Bachelors degree in the field of natural resource management. Volunteer works and internships are also going to boost your career majorly.

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