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With the increasing popularity of the internet and social media, a professional career in digital marketing looks more and more promising and exciting day by day. Keep reading to find out how to start a career in this field and also about the scopes and opportunities this industry offers.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

As a recent survey has shown, 92% of consumers nowadays trust digital media over other forms of marketing campaigns and advertisements. Against the background of this growing popularity of digital media, tools, and gadgets, more and more businesses are investing in digital marketing strategies and practices.

Quite expectedly, digital marketing has emerged as one of the top high-growth industries in recent times. With the scope of this industry exponentially increasing, a digital marketing expert can easily expect a handsome pay package and an attractive job profile.

If you are thinking about joining the industry of digital marketing as an expert strategist, the first question that would probably come to your mind is how to train yourself for it.

Probably the best thing about a career in digital marketing is that, unlike many other professions or industries, you can educate yourself on digital marketing and learn the necessary skills on your own. For that, you don’t need to go to a business school or a university and get a degree in the subject.

It is the digital world itself which provides great opportunities to train yourself in digital marketing.

1. Mere blogging or Facebooking can introduce you to the subject to a great extent. You need to begin by developing a good understanding of how businesses and brands promote themselves on digital platforms and interact with different customers online. Starting your own blog will not only help you to learn the latest trends and practices in the field but also help your professional career by creating a strong online presence for you.

2. To become a successful digital marketing strategist, you need to have a fair understanding of the social media matrix and analytics. You need to learn to use Google Analytics, AdWords or other platforms. Take the standardized tests like the Google Analytics IQ or the AdWords exam to build your resume for future job opportunities. There are a number of free online courses to help you with the tests and you get verified certificates after you pass the tests.

3. Digital marketing is a field that is fast evolving and highly competitive. This means that you have to stay updated about the latest trends and technologies that dominate the scene. For this you need to attend online classes or virtual seminars, a blog with other experts, regularly follow major digital marketing websites and experts on social media.

4. Like many other industries, a successful professional in the field of digital marketing is one who is not only skilled but also good at networking. Go out and build connections. Meet other digital marketing experts and business people, attend seminars and industrial summits or marketing events. You must make yourself known in the field and among the peers.

5. Finally, get yourself a job. The only way to become an expert in digital marketing is to get your hands dirty by doing some actual work and gathering experiences. Initially, you should not be too picky: take any job whatever the pay is. Remember, it will provide you a chance to execute what you have learned or practiced till now. And also it is going to be counted as a valuable experience in your resume.

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The scope of a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Scope, Digital Marketing Opportunities

There is no doubt that the recent trends predict an extremely bright future of digital marketing. Being highly cost-effective, flexible and effective, digital marketing strategies and techniques have revolutionized the world of advertising and marketing. With the rapid increase of internet users and mobile phone consumers, traditional offline marketing practices are fast becoming obsolete.

It is said that in today’s world the digital economy is growing at a rate 10 times faster than the traditional economy. Nowadays, almost every business or company put aside funds for online campaigns and digital advertisements. Especially the startups with tight budgets greatly favor these cost-effective and convenient methods of brand-promotion and marketing campaigns.

According to one particular source, the world has spent $229.25 billion in digital marketing in the year 2017 alone. This number is likely to shoot up to $335.5 billion by the year 2020. It is predicted that by 2020, the industry will create millions of job opportunities. It is an industry where demand surpasses supply and there is no indication that this trend will change very soon.    

jobs in digital marketing, specializations

Digital marketing is a huge field with a variety of specializations like social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, web analytics, SEO/SEM, content writing, web development and designing, PPC etc.

Some of the various roles that experts in digital marketing have to play are Social Media Executive, Social Media Manager, SEO Executive/Expert, PPC/SEM Expert, Content Marketer, Analytics Manager, CRM Manager, Web Developer, and Web Designer, Inbound Marketing Manager, E-Commerce Manager etc. it should be noted that Search Engine Marketing of various forms have the largest share in the net growth of the digital marketing market. You need to identify your own area of interest and prepare yourself for that particular role as a digital marketing specialist.

With an experience of 5-7 years, you can apply for the position of the Digital Marketing Director or Manager which is the highest position in the industry.

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Digital marketing experts in businesses of all sizes and shades have become a common practice in recent years. There are lots of jobs and a skilled digital marketer is usually much better paid than his counterpart in offline marketing. Though it is fast evolving, digital marketing is still relatively a new field. As there is still a shortage of experienced professionals, it is easy for the rookies and fresh graduates to get jobs. As a career option, online marketing is extremely flexible as every type of business or organization requires the services of an expert digital marketer or strategist.

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