Augmented Reality – The Future Model of Mobile Apps

A few years ago, AR concept was merely an imagination but in today’s world, mobile app developers are taking the recourse of augmented reality platform in order to serve better as per current generation’s requirement.

Most of the mobile apps are being sold in the name of augmented reality just to gain the attention of the audience, or for business promotion but once AR app hits the potential market genuinely, it will be a proven deal.

Basically, Augmented Reality (AR) is the amalgamation of a user’s environment with real-time live videos. It helps the users to recognize the picture and blend the fresh information with the recognized picture and then, portray the combined final visual result in real time.

Augmented reality is such an app platform that has discovered the way to fill the gap between real world and digital world. With the blend of GPS and geolocation, AR provides an immersive experience to the end users.

Now let’s talk about how Augmented Reality Mobile Apps are reserving their scope in the current market and becoming the future model of mobile apps. Here are few different areas where we can see a broad future of AR:

Virtual Measurement

Online marketing will take a boom in the new direction with the initiation of augmented reality apps. AR is such an influential and dynamic marketing application platform that compels the buyers to take buying decision at anywhere in any time frame.

For instance, IKEA – a furniture selling company released an app that enables you to see what exact furniture is most suitable for your home as per your home dimensions.

Another Ecommerce organization has built a digital mirror using AR technology that helps people to try new outfits even without going through the hassles of trial room.

This is such a way to enable the customers to make a better buying decision. AR apps save your time and efforts of going to the showroom just to measure the furniture whether they will fit in a specific bedroom or drawing room.


With the revolution of AR, the education industry will be affected positively to deliver the fast accessible and more engaging experience along with a deeper understanding of a specific topic. Currently, AR apps are being used to create 3D pictures, superimpose the galaxy structures, and recreate the historical events etc. in real time.

The current mobile app market is already filled with the lots of apps that let you point your phone to the desired place just to see constellations as well as learning the pertained history. From the future point of view, AR is expected to emerge as a booming factor in education and leaning industries.


Because of increasing craze of current youth in the game apps, AR has turned the entire face of the gaming industry by releasing AR platform-based games such as Pokemon Go, Kickball AR Soccer, and AR Zombies. AR builds the game more engaging and more interesting so as one cannot get bored even for a single second.

Various gaming companies are giving their best part and working on future AR projects in order to develop more engaging and virtually live gaming apps. So, you can think how the gaming industry is getting dependent on AR platform to deliver the more live experience to the game lovers.


AR has made the life easier with the release of travel or map guide applications. Currently, we all are taking the recourse of local, nation-based maps in order to travel with confidence at unknown places or when we are alone to foreign nations. The popular AR browsers including Wikitude and Layar help you out to give better results by incorporating the real-world elements in the search section.

These applications are built to serve you better traveling facility in the form of real-time road signs so as you can walk and drive in a comfortable way. These applications have removed the dependency of asking the people about the ways. Current mobile app development companies are performing more research to offer optimum quality traveling and mapping guide for best user experience.

Social Media

Here, we can take an example of the Snapchat app that is based on a simpler version of Augmented Reality. Through AR, this social media app has been made capable to superimpose the images or graphic designs on the user’s face in order to create different looks in their images.

Snapchat has become the first AR based social media platform and because of AR technology, this app is getting popular among the current generation. In a result, this app has also compelled the advertisers to switch from other social media channels. Although, Facebook has also launched the AR-based messenger for better experience now.

Adoption By Major Organizations

The major organizations like Word Lens and Google also did not stay back as they are also working on it. The Microsoft has also launched the serious initiative in the AR market. So, it is all about how fast the mobile app development companies adopt the AR platform because AR will be the mobile technology that makes a difference in mobile app development.

The invention of geolocation apps based on AR technology has uplifted the mobile experience in real time. Major mobile app development companies are taking the lope while creating such apps. They are in the process of developing more products using AR platform.

Presently, various cashless wallet apps are in trend and we can take an example of PayTm – a successful online wallet and e-commerce app. Using this app, you can pay and receive payments using QR code because of the Augmented Reality. So, you can see how AR technology has become a part of our routine life and this proves that we cannot survive without it in the future too.


Hence, whether e-commerce, marketing, or gaming industry, each one is in the process of newbie inventions based on AR technology to uplift the buyers’ experience, engagement, and brand marketing. One who is giving serious efforts towards the AR technology will sooner be able to take their business to the next level.

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