Artificial Intelligence & Human Labour : Will they work together in the future?

When you were small, the word ‘robot’ would excite you. You would soon start imagining yourself shaking hands, talking and maybe a little dancing with a robot. Your dreams would further flourish towards living in a world of robots. How wonderful!!

But amidst this dreamy land, little did you and all of us who had a similar perception realize the real ‘effects’ of the robot. Today, as we face the problem of ‘increasing demographic dividend’ (change in the population structure with the greater number of working population between 18-40years of age), ‘unemployed youth’ and lack of adequate employment opportunities, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) happens to be the biggest threat to human development. It also reduces the number of labour-intensive employment.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a computer science-based intelligent machine that works similar to humans. In fact, it is a perfect substitute to execute work done by humans. These AI machines, which we normally call ‘Robots’ have human-like attributes in all aspect. From speaking in our languages to mastering the art of planning and problem solving, from manipulating objects to acquiring knowledge and even doing all kinds of odd jobs, the Robots are one-in-all. They also possess multitasking abilities, something which corporate recruiters want from us in our day-to-day work life.

You can use AI to solve an ITT JEE maths problem, plan and execute a project and at the same time to fetch some vegetables from the market. Thus, AI has the capability to work and serve in every sector.

How will AI affect job opportunities?  

Given the number of skills and intellectuality of AI or Robots, whichever term you use, job scenario is definitely going to change. Here’s how:

1. Marketplace- Humans-No; Robots-Yes

Modern business ecosystem stands upon the slogan of ‘ease of doing business’. Speed, efficiency, accuracy, and multitasking are some of the attributes expected of every job seeker and present-day working professionals. Compared to humans, robots are by far more eligible to meet such criteria. The future, therefore, holds greater opportunities and job prospects for machine-based intelligence. Name any sector, be it manufacturing or automation, considering the current pace of research works on AI and robotics, the world will slowly and gradually moving into a marketplace where robots are expected to outnumber humans across markets.

2. Deepening Unemployment in third-world countries

AI will hard-hit third-world countries especially those where the population is still on the rise. Where first-world economies are already cautious about population growth, developing nations seem to lag behind in planning population growth. Take the case of countries like India and China. As per World Bank research, AI will take away 60% and 70% of jobs respectively. It is beyond doubt that such countries are already drowned in acute unemployment, which will further aggravate with the advent of machine-based intelligence. Rural people and those below BPL will be the worse-off. With unemployment, the standard of living is bound to decline. Society will be in a dilemma while the change in lifestyle, mentality, and ways of perceiving things are certain things that are surely going to take place.

3. IT industry- Whoa!! What an Expansion

This is one good point about the influence of AI. Presently, the IT sector is limited to creating and developing software, applications, cutting-edge technology and a little bit of cloud computing or virtual space. Secondly, in the wake of digitisation, things like cyber protection, big data analysis, online tracking of data, etc. have come into prominence. Now we need to upgrade our systems and mechanisms and respond to globalisation through innovation. The core of the innovation is AI.
On one hand, AI gives a boost to the IT sector, opening up more job profiles. After all, someone has to make the intelligent machines, program it and enjoy good interface in daily activities. On the other, AI ensures better delivery of services, which means better and faster project execution, more work in less time and. It also fine-tunes business activities in the online world.

So, what are the career prospects in the light AI?

Don’t get depressed about the about-the-happen job market. We still have more options to build a thriving career. We can also look forward to new openings that will give more returns than our present jobs. Let’s see what they are:

1. AI Experts

As you already know by now that someone has to be employed to create, develop and program artificial intelligence machines. This will perhaps be the most demanded job with highest pay scale across industries. You need IoT of skills, knowledge, and understanding of AI to make a name in this particular sector.

2. Big Data Analysts

Harnessing complex data from the database and streamlining them into simple information will definitely need some qualification and human resource. Keep in mind, robots that you will create will be prone to technical glitches. Also, big data needs to be analysed, which beyond the capacity of artificial intelligence as these are programmed in a technical and computerised manner.

3. Cloud Computation

Keeping official documents in cloud space, managing the space and accessing 24*7 data whenever required will require human skills as everything in the world cannot be automated. In the near future, cloud handling will require well-skilled and talented employees who are adept at working online and managing cloud network.

4. Cybersecurity

That’s another emerging job prospect with all eyes on the right candidate have the capability and aptitude to serve in this field. As you know we are living in a time where online data breach and hacking is a child’s play. As an online security force, you shall be responsible for a great deal of work not without a handsome payment.

5. Internet of Things  

Yes, we all know that IoT acronym and keep using it almost every day. From social media to shopping, we have surrounded ourselves with all virtual stuff. Our mind is also changing likewise. With Internet commanding a strong presence in the global world, it is time to explore more avenues and re-invent and re-create things to satisfy our requirements.

To sum up, Artificial Intelligence is the call of the future and we have to answer it. Although AI will have a drastic impact on your economy, however, we cannot deny that it will simultaneously open up other career avenues. Hence, fields like big data, cloud computing technology, online security, data tracking, etc. will gain more weightage in the long run. Employment in these sectors are expected to boom; thus giving all the deserved candidates a fair chance to build a thriving career and making money. As we cannot stop this about-to-happen revolution, it is better to be aware from an early stage and take the proper steps to survive in the coming days.


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